Once a patient has been assessed, marking the peak areas of fat and applying a protective pad to the skin, the device is applied to the marked areas for treatment. After the cooling device is applied, the patient experiences a gentle suction to the skin, almost like a vacuum. Initially the skin becomes cold, but after a few minutes, the treatment area becomes completely numb.

The CoolSculpting device does not affect the skin because the device is designed to target and freeze fat cells only. After the 35-minute procedure, a massage is performed on the treated area to break up the cold subcutaneous fat. The massage is an extremely important part of the procedure to initiate the breakdown of the fat cells. Dr. Craig Baldenhofer states that he has seen more than a 65% improvement in patient results after the addition of the massage to the treatment.

CoolSculpting works by a process called cryolipolysis, or freezing of the fat cells. As the fat cells freeze, they go through a process called apoptosis, or cell death, and then are naturally eliminated from the body over a period of a few months. When you gain weight the fat cells in your body get larger, and when you lose weight, the fat cells shrink. Instead of shrinking the fat cells, CoolSculpting is effective at removing the fat cells from the body altogether, resulting in a 20% – 25% fat reduction in the treated area.

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